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    Our shoes are made of the best quality materials, workmanship and most suitable pattern to foot health and apply latest trends of the world to its collections with the best handcraft.

   All shoes are designed to support healthy and anatomical growth of the foot and are made of genuine leather with thermoplastic outsole. In order to prevent Varus-Valgus, hard stable heel is used in all models.
    Toes of models are wide and strong as to not restrict the foot and protect against impact. Soles are soft and flexible. Our shoes are made to support the ankles firmly. Also, to prevent the discomfort at the back of the ankle, all models have been equipped with a soft latex material.

Flat feet are one of the most known orthopedic disease. Long walks, heavy weight and non-anatomic shoes force onto our arches. When the arches are deformed, optimal weight distribution changes and weight mostly press to front side of feet. In this situation, in order to have the balance when walking, people begin to bend backwards unconsciously. The back would always be strained and this would cause posture problems. This sort of problem would also cause deformation and problems on the other parts of the feet too. That's why, stabilize the distribution of weight on the feet are very important during action. In order to prevent and heal the flat feet, Anatomic shoes are right choice!

Flat feet is one of the most common orthopedic disorder. Discomforts caused by flat feet can be alleviated by using right shoes with arch support made of soft latex/silicon material.

                                                                   COMFORTABLE WALKING EXPERIENCE

      All shoes are produced according to the kids' foot anatomy and insoles are designed with soft latex material to give extra comfort to kids. The pattern of shoes has an appropriate curve and right structure that protects toes and does not bother the metatarsus in wide feet.Anatomic shoes which are made of genuine leather with micro pores which prevent unpleasant smells caused by sweaty foot. Thomas Air System Heel Design that provides maximum comfort during walking and minimize occurrence of valgus. Our shoes support stepping with its anatomic features and keep the foot stable during walking. All shoes are produced with soft supportive part on arch part made of high quality natural latex which provides ultra comfort for kids. Toe of shoes has flexible structure which supports kids to move easily.
                                                                             RIGHT SHOES FOR KIDS

      Until 2-3 years, all children looks like flat foot. After this age, arch region begins to form under children feet. The shoes support the kids' feet growing with its internal designs. Choosing the right shoes supports body's health from first steps. Orthopedic shoes provide maximum comfort to little feet.
•      Toe section should be wide and not be harmful shaped for little feet. Consider to see a half number space on toe section.
•      The back of shoe should be hard to avoide valgus and varum
•      Materials that are used on shoes should be natural and breathable. Leather is preferable for durability and naturalness.
•      Flexibility of toe section is very important for freedom of movement.
•      Rough outer sole is good to stand not slip.
•      The outer sole should design to protect the foot from poignant damages.
•      Lightweight shoes should be prefered for little kids.

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